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We are the team behind the popular open-source personal CRM, Monica.

Companies have dozens of tools to manage whatโ€™s going on inside the company. Tools to manage human resources. Timesheets. Team morale. 1-on-1 management. Expenses. OKR. You name it. For every need, there is a dedicated tool.

Companies spend an awful lot of time and money on choosing, setting up and maintaining all those tools.

Put together, these tools are supposed to give answers to two questions: how is the company doing, and how are employees performing.

However, how can you know if an employee is performing well if you have only one angle of the overall situation? If you use a software that manages OKR, you would only have one side of the story at the end of the year. If you want to understand the complete picture, you need to know if the employee has taken enough holidays during the year, if the projects he worked on were a success, if he had enough time to talk with her manager, and so on.

You could use the APIs of all the different software to find partial answers of those questions โ€“ but what a nightmare to set up everything that would be.

Moreover, most small and medium-size companies don't need all the features that each one of these tools provides. They would be completely satisfied with, say, 20% of what each specialized tool does. Take a look at Basecamp. A lot of people love using Basecamp, a simple project management tool, instead of Microsoft Project which does 90% more stuff.

We think there is a place for a single software that manages the entire lifecycle of an employee. By knowing everything we need to know about an employee, we can know how teams are doing, what everyone does, improve communication and provide unique insights on how the company truly operates.

A single tool that puts the employee at the core of the experience.

A tool that advocates complete transparency at every layer of the company.

A tool that helps reduce all the noise on Slack and email.

A tool that improves communication between people.

A tool that promotes collaboration between employees and teams.

Weโ€™ve made this tool. Itโ€™s not ready yet, but itโ€™ll be soon.

OfficeLife will let you manage the following aspects of your company in a very easy-to-use, privacy-first software:

OfficeLife will be completely open with a great API and no vendor lock-in, and will be open source.

Security is a major concern considering the nature of the tool. OfficeLife will be offered as a SAAS, but also available on premise โ€“ that way, youโ€™ll have complete control on your own data.

We are convinced that OfficeLife will change how companies manage their employees and how their employees feel about their work.

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